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How does Rigi work? 

Rigi creates special files with Rigi tokens that are loaded into your application as a separate language. After this, Rigi can recognize every string in your application and make dynamic previews of every screen in your UI. These previews help translators, reviewers, and project managers to have full control over the localization process. Without any support from developers! 

Does Rigi modify my application? 

No. We create control and insight for every member of the localization team by adding Rigi language files to your repository, without any code change. It is like a radiologist administering contrast fluid to your body to make the invisible visible.

Is Rigi a Localization Management Platform? 

Yes. Rigi can be used as a standalone Localization Management Platform. With Rigi you manage your localization process from start to end. The major difference with other platforms, is that Rigi does not offer a Translation Memory. Rigi has a different approach by focusing on ID-based localization, which offers similar benefits with superior quality. Read about all the features on this website

I already use a Translation Management System. Can I still benefit from Rigi’s unique features?

Yes. Rigi offers third-party connectors, which create a seamless integration with translation management systems like XTM, memoQ, Trados and Passolo. You can keep using your existing TMS, and benefit from Rigi’s dynamic visual context. This will upgrade your translation workflow tremendously.

Can I use Rigi for embedded software / WPF-applications / mobile frameworks / PIM-systems?

Yes! Four times yes:) Rigi has solutions for all kinds of software applications. Please get in touch with us, to see if you have any doubts about a specific software solution you want to translate in context. We are happy to help you out. We also have parsers for dozens of file formats.

Do you have an API available? 

Yes, Rigi has an API which provides extensive integration capabilities. Importing and exporting of source and target files are only a few of them. Rigi can also be connected to your automated UI-tests, to capture dynamic previews automatically.

Can I get a free trial of Rigi?

We currently don’t offer free trials directly from our website. Please request a demo, where we can show you the added value of Rigi for your application in about 30 minutes.

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Manuals API-Docs Articles

Rigi viewer for 3rd party editor

With Rigi, translators can use their editor of choice. Learn more about the use cases of our Rigi viewer in combination with a third party translation editor.

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XTM Cloud and RIGI integration

Rigi enables XTM Cloud users with robust software localization capabilities. Rigi's ID-approach ensures high quality and consistent translation.

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How-to guide for Reviewers

New to Rigi and being assigned a review task? Check our instructions in the support portal. A step-by-step instruction in text and video is available for you.

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Rigi for memoQ

Our Rigi connector for memoQ simplifies the localization of your UI texts. Key feature is the provisioning of interactive HTML previews.

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Rigi and Trados Studio

The Rigi connector for Trados Studio offers the possibility of using Rigi’s unique features within the familiar environment of Trados Studio.

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Passolo and Rigi

It is easy to adapt Rigi to fit your development and localization process and get better quality out of Passolo with Rigi dynamic previews.

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