About us

Our mission: to provide people access to information in their local language

We help our clients to simplify the process of localizing their products. This enables to release products and related information in many languages. We provide our customers with expert know-how and solutions to make localization cost-efficient.

The rigi.io platform ensures that everyone who is involved in the localization process has access to all relevant information to do his job.


At Rigi, we are dedicated to solve the biggest problem in software localization. Everyone is guessing. Translators have no visual context for the short texts they translate. In-country reviewers have no detailed test plan which parts of the application to test in the local language. If reviewers encounter an error, there is usually not an easy way to report that so that translators can quickly correct it. Companies have no idea how much internal costs they spend on localization to solve all those issues due lack of context.

Throughout the history of business, people provide contractors with detailed information to ensure that the quality of the requested service meets their standards. Our mission at Rigi is to provide each stakeholder in the localization process with full information. This reduces overhead to a minimum and results in an optimized localization supply chain with an efficient collaboration among all stakeholders.


Henk Boxma

Henk drives Rigi’s strategic vision. Henk is active in the localization industry for a long time and developed many solutions for his customers to streamline development, localization and documentation processes.

Henk’s passion: helping people to get their problems solved.