Rigi is a 360° Localization Management Platform that streamlines your entire localization project. With our unique feature of dynamic visual previews Rigi guarantees more accurate translations within less iterations with a faster time-to-market as ultimate benefit.

Translation in context with Rigi

What you see is what you get! Rigi offers dynamic HTML previews while translating your application. These visuals immediately reveal the context of a UI text. Work faster and deliver better quality at the same time.

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Language testing with Rigi

Take over where translators left off! With Rigi a project manager triggers in-country review tasks independently of a developer. From translation to in-country review in one click. Reviewers and translators work in the same collaborative environment. Benchmarks show a significant reduction of lead time.

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Multi-Platform Support

Web-applications, Embedded Software or WPF, we have your back. With Rigi you can localize multiple platforms, including support for a wide range of file formats. The unique features of contextual previews and cloud-based project management are available for every platform.

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Localization Project Management Tools

Manage your localization project on a global scale with an easy and fun-to-use management dashboard. Rigi offers flexible workflow management, easy project tracking, automated quality checks, advanced reports and much more.

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Rigi Development Suite

Developer heaven exists! Rigi offers an API to integrate the localization process into your Continuous Integration pipeline. Localizing will become an integral part of your release cycle, with no need for manual interventions. Even the capturing of previews can be automated, by connecting it to your automated UI-tests.

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We love to give you a quick tour through Rigi and discuss what Rigi can do for your app or website.

Demo will be online and take about 10 - 20 minutes. No strings attached.

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Numbers don’t lie

50% fewer errors when having context at hand

70% fewer queries from your translators

100% satisfaction by getting things done easy and fast

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Rigi.io has multi-platform support and provides connectors to various 3rd party localization management tools. No matter if you localize a Web app or embedded software, and we take care of any file format. Check it all out in the Documentation on our support portal.

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Video tutorials

Our goal is to get you fully self-supporting in the use of Rigi. That way you can enjoy the benefits at it fullest. If you have any question, please get in touch. For those who prefer some self-study we are working on a complete set of video-tutorials to get you rolling.

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Sigrid Bleker

Marketing Services, Translation & Localization Management - Turck

"Rigi allows us to localize our web content directly at the front end. What you see is what you get! It is a straight-forward solution. With Rigi we are now able to streamline our translation and review processes. It is a huge time-saver!"