Passolo is a specialized visual software localization tool developed to enable the translation of user interfaces. It is easy to adapt Rigi to fit your development and localization process and get better quality out of Passolo with Rigi dynamic previews. 

Rigi integrated solutions editor 

The Rigi connector for Passolo offers an integrated solution editor. Project managers define projects, send translation jobs, assign review tasks and much more. When the translations are done, the project manager can generate the target files directly. Translators can localize in context. They usually translate string-by-string, which is fully supported. When a string is selected, Rigi will request the previews where this string is used at the Rigi cloud server. The preview is shown with the string highlighted. Edits by the translator are shown immediately in the WYSIWYG environment. 

Collaboration between translators and in-country reviewers  

Rigi projects live in the cloud. Therefore, it is easy to assign review tasks to in-country reviewers. Just create a task and assign it to a reviewer by adding his email address. Reviewers don’t need to download anything; they perform their reviews right in the web browser. And when the job is done, the project is updated directly for the project manager and the translators. Translators can navigate through the comments that the in-country reviewers entered. When they select a comment, they will immediately see the preview where the reviewer provided his comment and where the string is highlighted. The translator can then immediately apply his change (WYSIWYG).