Our localization team can keep up with the pace of development

LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions uses Rigi to its full extent. By doing so, the Localization Manager has full control over the whole process. The entire team benefits, from product managers and developers to translators and reviewers. Clean Up and Prepare For Localization LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions…

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Rigi allows us to localize web content directly at the front end

Turck integrates Rigi for an advanced localization process of their PIM content.

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We now finish answering questions from linguists 80% faster

Degreed integrates Rigi in their continuous development workflow (CI/CD).

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Gloria Camino

Globalisation Manager - Alfresco

"I used to spend very many hours preparing updates, analyzing incrementals, applying TMs, etc. It is amazing how much time I am able to save with RIGI now, it is almost like magic!"