memoQ is a translation management system, originally built for freelancers, grown into a full-featured translation engine. Our Rigi connector for memoQ simplifies the localization of your UI texts. Key feature is the provisioning of interactive HTML previews. The integration with memoQ enables translators and reviewers to localize UI texts by using those interactive HTML previews.

Translators and development organizations love Rigi. Interactive previews help translators to deliver the right translation at once. Development organizations benefit from a significant drop of QA issues and related costs. We challenge you to quantify the current costs, time-to-market, and quality for projects within your organization. The outcome may surprise you.

Rigi is easy to setup, has a great user experience, and integrates seamlessly with your existing processes.

Rigi supports memoQ 9.0 and higher.

Key benefits

Get the Rigi plugin for memoQ using this link.