“Responding to linguists questions went from 2 days of work per iteration to only 2 questions in total.”

Dynamic context
for everyone

HTML previews provide context for translators and reviewers. With ID-based strings, we can offer you instant feedback on your localization work.

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Review translations on the fly

Every team member is connected to the same context. Collaboration in the cloud streamlines your localization process.

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“Responding to linguists questions went from 2 days of work per iteration to only 2 questions in total.”

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Intuitive WYSIWIG Editor

All localization team members benefit from live previews, without any software installs. Progress indicators help you to stay on track and deliver fast.

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Multi-platform support

Web-applications, Embedded Software or WPF, we have your back. With Rigi you can localize multiple platforms, including support for a wide range of file formats.

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No code change needed

Rigi brings peace to your development team. Without any code changes or development support you can capture previews, localize your app and perform an in-country review.

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Advanced development features 

Integrate the capturing of previews in your automated UI-tests, perform a pre-translation to tackle internationalization (i18n) issues in an early stage or connect to our API to integrate Rigi in your build-workflow.

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Assign tasks and monitor progress

Success at a glance is at your fingertips with our easy and fun-to-use dashboards. Managing a software localization project has never made you felt so secure.

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Numbers don’t lie

50% fewer errors when having context at hand

70% fewer queries from your translators

100% satisfaction by getting things done easy and fast

We care about high quality translations

Software Localization: 4 tips for success

How to Integrate localization into your entire development workflow?

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The added value of HTML previews in localization

What is the return-on-investment of HTML previews?

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How to properly translate UI texts with visual context

Why translators need visual context and how to create it.

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Gloria Camino

Globalisation Manager - Alfresco

"I used to spend very many hours preparing updates, analyzing incrementals, applying TMs, etc. It is amazing how much time I am able to save with RIGI now, it is almost like magic!"

Anonymous icon of a person
Anke Kortenbruck

Service Owner Cloud Translation Service

"One of our goals was to visualize screens for dynamic web applications and thus to provide more context for translators. We received very positive feedback from project managers and translators alike."

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Sigrid Bleker

Marketing Services, Translation & Localization Management - Turck

"Rigi allows us to localize our web content directly at the front end. What you see is what you get! It is a straight-forward solution. With Rigi we are now able to streamline our translation and review processes. It is a huge time-saver!"