Rigi for Web Apps

Web Applications

Web applications typically are subject to regular updates with new strings to be translated. With more than three languages this can be a cumbersome project. Rigi uses smart ID-matching to identify missing translations, supporting you in a faster rollout to production of your updates.

Rigi for Embedded Software

Embedded Software

Embedded software is often optimized for low memory usage on custom target devices. Our professional services team helps your developers to design an efficient localization process, including contextual previews. No need anymore to ship simulators to your translators and language testers!

Rigi for WPF

WPF apps

Microsoft .NET WPF apps have an advanced architecture, with many internal and external dependencies. Localizing WPF apps can therefore be a time-consuming process which is sensitive to errors. Rigi provides you with previews of the context for every needed translation. With Rigi you are guaranteed a faster time-to-market of your updates.

Other great features

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Rigi.io has multi-platform support and provides connectors to various 3rd party localization management tools. No matter if you localize a Web app or embedded software, and we take care of any file format. Check it all out in the Documentation on our support portal.

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Video tutorials

Our goal is to get you fully self-supporting in the use of Rigi. That way you can enjoy the benefits at it fullest. If you have any question, please get in touch. For those who prefer some self-study we are working on a complete set of video-tutorials to get you rolling.

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Chris Evans

Senior Developer - Degreed

"The quality of our translations has improved. We also had more than 50% of unused strings in our database. The coverage report feature was a huge help in getting that cleaned up."

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Sigrid Bleker

Marketing Services, Translation & Localization Management - Turck

"Rigi allows us to localize our web content directly at the front end. What you see is what you get! It is a straight-forward solution. With Rigi we are now able to streamline our translation and review processes. It is a huge time-saver!"

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Gloria Camino

Globalisation Manager - Alfresco

"I used to spend very many hours preparing updates, analyzing incrementals, applying TMs, etc. It is amazing how much time I am able to save with RIGI now, it is almost like magic!"

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Anke Kortenbruck

Service Owner Cloud Translation Service

"One of our goals was to visualize screens for dynamic web applications and thus to provide more context for translators. We received very positive feedback from project managers and translators alike."