The Rigi connector for Trados Studio offers the possibility of using Rigi’s unique features within the familiar environment of Trados Studio.  

Translate WYSIWYG.  

Translators tend to translate a task string-by-string. This workflow is fully supported within Rigi. When a string is selected, Rigi will request the previews where this string is used at the Rigi cloud server. The preview is shown with the string highlighted. Edits by the translator are shown immediately in the WYSIWYG environment. 

Process in-country review comments WYSIWYG.  

Rigi projects live in the cloud. Therefore, it is easy to assign review tasks to in-country reviewers. Just create a task and assign it to a reviewer by adding his email address. Reviewers don’t need to download anything; they perform their reviews right in the web browser. And when the job is done, the project is updated directly for the project manager and the translators. Translators can navigate through the comments that the in-country reviewers entered. When the translator selects a comment, he will immediately see the preview where the reviewer provided his comment and where the string is highlighted. The translator can immediately apply his change and see the result to approve. 

Supported Trados Studio versions: 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021.