Translation environment – XTM

Enable WYSIWYG capabilities for translators in XTM!

Main use cases

  • Select a software string in XTM and immediately get an interactive preview with the actual translation.
    • Edits by the translator are reflected immediately in the preview.
  • Translate the live web application in context, making changes directly in XTM.
  • Process comments that were discovered by language acceptance testers.
    • Language Acceptance Testers (a.k.a. In-country reviewers) check the translations in their browser, preview by preview and/or the live application. They can select texts in the preview that have an incorrect translation and enter a comment and/or suggest a translation.
    • Translators can select each comment, which selects the relevant segment in the XTM editor and loads the corresponding preview. He can then correct in-context.

Preview window

XTM will open the preview in a separate browser window. The preview offers three modes for the translator:

  1. Context – select a text segment in XTM and it will be selected in the preview (and vice versa).
  2. Issues – this will present all issues that the in-country reviewer registered. Select an issue and Rigi will load the preview with the text highlighted.
  3. Previews – this will present all HTML previews that are available for this project. The translator can then step through them.
  4. Live – opens the live application in a browser window. You can make changes on the fly.
XTM and Rigi

The Rigi preview for XTM shows the actual translations

Key features

  • Visual localization of any dynamic software application, including web applications, product information management systems (PIM), .NET desktop applications (WPF), Microsoft Silverlight and embedded software.
  • ID-based localization. Rigi’s ID-based concept reliably identifies software texts and guarantees consistency. A client case study noted a three days’ shorter time-to-market for each bi-weekly delivery.
  • Supports all common file formats, including resx, properties, json and many more. It is possible to implement custom parsers.
  • Easy integration. Developers can use Rigi as part of the build process and in the automated UI testing environment.
  • Lightweight and easy setup. No code changes and additional hardware are required.

How does it work?

A localization project manager defines a Rigi project in a secure cloud environment. Testers integrate Rigi in their automated UI testing process. During that process (indexed) HTML previews are created and uploaded to the Rigi cloud server. From that moment on, they can be accessed by translators, linguistic reviewers, project managers and in-country reviewers.

About XTM International

XTM International develops an award-winning online Translation Management System, available via cloud or on private servers. The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed online via a web browser.

XTM is cost effective, easy to use, includes filters for all common file types and is built for collaboration. XTM’s global customers include some of the world’s largest LSPs and leading enterprises.

More information is available at: and for a free trial