Three years ago, I started a joint project with the Rigi team. One of our goals was to visualize screens for dynamic web applications and thus to provide more context for translators. After an extensive proof of concept phase, we went live with Passolo and Rigi – with very positive feedback from project managers and translators alike. I really enjoy working with this company because they are very much focused on helping their customers – no matter how complex the requirements may be. The team is very enthusiastic about what they do. We often heard them say “We can do it” – and I can confirm that these are not just empty words.

Anke Kortenbruck, Service Owner, Cloud Translation Service - SAP Language Services

I used to spend very many hours preparing updates, analyzing incrementals, applying TMs, etc. It is amazing how much time I am able to save with RIGI now, it is almost like magic!

Gloria Broadbent, Globalisation Manager - Alfresco Software

Rigi allows us to localize our web content directly at the front end. What you see is what you get! It is a straight-forward solution. With Rigi we are now able to streamline our translation and review processes. It is a huge time-saver!

Sigrid Bleker, Marketing Services, Translation & Localization Management - Turck

Rigi helps us to address one of the biggest challenges in software localization – application context. We adopted Rigi into our localization process and we supply the application context to our translators to assure we receive the best translation from day one. Since we adopted Rigi, the number of linguistic defects was dramatically reduced

Uriel Lustig, Hewlett Packard Enterprise