Rigi cloud

The Rigi cloud server is a secure environment to manage your software localization projects.

Project management

Project managers can create projects and add users such as other project managers, translators and reviewers. Only authorized users can access project information. The particular information that users can see depends on their role.


Developers can upload previews with context to a project on the Rigi cloud server. These previews are used to provide context to translators. Also, project managers can define review packs. A review pack contains previews that the reviewers must review. The project manager can upload the translations to the Rigi server when they are done. The reviewer can then review packs that are assigned to him in a WYSIWYG environment. When he sees an error, he can select the string and add a comment. Translators can navigate through the comments that the reviewer entered. When he selects a comment, then the preview is immediately shown, and he can apply his change in context.