HTML Previews

Translators and reviewers need context to do their tasks efficiently. Rigi provides technology to create HTML Previews of dynamic applications. The texts on those previews are indexed and can be identified by their string-identifiers.

Rigi provides smart and elegant ways to capture HTML Previews of applications:

  • Automated. Integrate in automated UI testing frameworks, such as Selenium and Karma.
  • Automation. If your web application has a list unique URLs, often the case as in PIM and CMS systems, then Rigi can visit each URL and capture an HTML Preview.
  • Navigate the live application in our cloud platform and capture previews.
  • Websnap desktop application. This tool also supports capturing previews of Windows WPF desktop applications.

Capture using the Rigi cloud platform

The Rigi cloud platform provides the capability to capture HTML Previews of a live application. The video shows:

  • How to capture HTML Previews.
  • How to ensure that all strings in an application are on an HTML Preview (aka ‘coverage’).
  • How to test the HTML Previews.

Capture HTML Previews using Websnap

Websnap is a Windows-application that contains a browser.

A domain expert can navigate through the application. He gets notified when new strings are detected and can create a preview. During navigation, he has an overview of all texts that do not have context yet. The captured previews can be uploaded to the Rigi server and made available to translators and reviewers. It is possible to create a baseline project. This is useful if you have a large application that is already translated into many languages. This way, you only have to create previews for the new features.

Note: Websnap has a separate module that enables capturing HTML Previews of Microsoft .Net WPF applications.