Turck integrates Rigi for an advanced localization process of their PIM content. A custom machine translation engine provides high quality pre-translations. Post-editing with visual context is done in no time. 

Flawless local interface crucial for brand promise

Turck is a global leader in industry-specific automation solutions. The product portfolio includes more than 15.000 high tech products. As a customer-oriented company, it is crucial to offer all products in the local language. Due to short technical terminology, visual context is essential to deliver on the brand promise.

“Rigi allows us to localize our web content directly at the front end. What you see is what you get! It is a straight-forward solution. With Rigi we are now able to streamline our translation and review processes. It is a huge time-saver!” 

Sigrid Bleker, Marketing Services, Translation & Localization Management – Turck 

Shorten PIM localization with Rigi and NMT

The Turck portfolio is updated daily. Rigi automatically pre-translates new content using custom neural machine translation (NMT). In country specialists immediately post-edit in a visual environment. This approach is highly automated, and cuts short the original fragmented process. In other words: a huge time-saver!

Features used

Numbers don’t lie

50% fewer errors when having context at hand

70% fewer queries from your translators

100% satisfaction by getting things done easy and fast