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Degreed integrates Rigi in their continuous development workflow (CI/CD). Every team member has access to visual context. This results in an efficient localization 
process and high-quality translations.

Deliver right information instantly

Degreed is an online platform for learning, talent development and skill-building. Rolled-out in 40 countries and as many languages, the challenge is to sim-ship features with high quality translations. A highly reliable and automated process is required to deliver the right information to the involved team members instantly.

“We signed up with Rigi about 4 months ago. During the initial setup and integration, Henk and his team were very responsive and helpful. The Rigi team worked hard to get us up and running on time. Since then, the quality of our translations has improved. This improvement is due to the visual context that our linguists now have. I used to spend 1-2 days each iteration answering questions from linguists. Now with Rigi’s help, I only have 1 or 2 questions total! We also have more than 50% of unused strings in our database. The coverage report feature was a huge help in getting that cleaned up. Thank you Henk and the Rigi team for this continued partnership!” 

Chris Evans, Senior Developer – Degreed

From 2 days to 2 minutes 

Rigi managed to provide dynamic visual context for over 90% (!) of all UI texts. This context leads to a huge reduction of questions from linguists. Localization is now completely in sync with the planned product release cycle. 

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